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Loan Programs

CalPATH Public Employee and Teacher Home Loan Program

Public Employee & Teacher Home Loan Program

Mountain West Financial is proud to introduce an exclusive home loan for Teachers, Police Officers & Fire Fighters in California.

CalPATH - California Public Employee & Teacher Home Loan Program is now available for Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and other Public Employees in California. Best of all, you do not need to be a first time homebuyer to take advantage of this exciting new loan program!

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CHDAP Program Details

Down Payment Resource Center

Search by city or address for public and private-funded down payment assistance programs, including affordable fixed-rate mortgages.

Homebuyers can quickly access a list of approved MWF DPA programs for which they may qualify, and where MWF is a participating lender.

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Keys in 30 days for Homebuyers

Keys in 30 Days

It is easy to claim to have a Fifteen, Twenty-One or even a Thirty day closing guarantee, but how many lenders actually deliver on their promises?

At Mountain West Financial Huntington Beach, we deliver and will put it in writing! If we are not able to *close your purchase transaction within 30 days, we will waive our Loan Processing Fee

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CHDAP Program Details

Purchase (or) Refinance Loan Programs

Buying your first home is easy with FHA Insured Financing. FHA requires a 3.500% down payment, but when combined with the CHDAP down payment assistance program, first time homebuyers can purchase their first home with as little as a .50% down payment.

Lender and Seller Credits are also allowed up to 6.00% of the home’s purchase price to cover prepaid expenses and closing fees…..

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FHA VA Streamline Program Details

FHA Streamline (Refinance)
No Appraisal, No Income, No Assests

If you are an FHA loan holder, you may benefit from an FHA streamline refinance to lower your interest rate and payments. Additional incentives are available if you purchased your home prior to 06/30/2009!

FHA Streamline rates are at all time lows for a 30 Year Fixed Rate.

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FHA 230k Program Details

FHA 203k Streamline
New Home Purchase (or) Refinance

The FHA 203k streamline loan program will enable you to purchase a home with a 3.500% down payment and allow up to $35,000 above the appraised value for home improvements, all in one loan. This is a great program for single family homes in need of repair and can be used as a refinance product as well!!

This program is available for loan amounts up to $417,000, please check current FHA loan limits in your county..

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VA Loan Program Details

VA 100% Financing
(New Home Purchase (or) Refinance)

Mountain West Financial provides 100% financing to our nations veterans with no down payment requirements within county loan limits. VA Financing can also be combined with the CHDAP Down Payment Assistance program and up to 6.00% Seller or Lender Credit is allowed to cover prepaid expenses and closing fees.

This program is available for loan amounts up to $1,050,000, please check current VA loan limits in your county.

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USDA Program Details

100% Financing for Rural Properties

The USDA Rural Home Loan Program will allow 100% financing with no down payment required for qualified single family homes, condominiums and townhomes. There are no loan or sale price limitations and this program will allow up to 6.00% Lender or Seller credits to cover prepaid expenses and closing fees.

Find out if the home in your county is eligible for USDA financing today...

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Jumbo and Conventional Program Details

Conventional & Jumbo Financing

With a 20% down payment you can purchase a home to $2,000,000 and above and qualify for conforming high balance rates with our 1st & 2nd Combo Loan Program. Other conventional programs are available with as little as a 5.00% down payment. Loan options are also available with or without mortgage insurance.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing one, we have a program that is just right for you!

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Exclusive Home Loan Now Available for
Teachers, Police Officers & Firemen

CalPATH Home Loans for Teachers, Police Officers, and Fireman

CalPATH Educational Video

CalPATH Overview  |  Q&A  |  Press Release

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