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CalPATH Loan Program
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It's Reality Check Time for California Homebuyers! Learn How To Get Your Offer Accepted in Today's Real Estate Market; CalPATH Rewards Program

Joseph M. Moore | May 5, 2017 | LinkedIn

Let's face it! We are in a sellers market and homebuyers need to understand that there is a supply & demand problem in California. What does this mean? We'll it simply means that we have more buyers in today's market than homes for sale in most areas of California, thus putting the home seller and listing real estate agent in control.

Low inventory creates competition and drives up home prices, often times creating a multiple offer situation and a bidding war for a home. If you are a homebuyer in today's market, you need to be prepared to be aggressive and offer at (or) above asking price to have any chance of getting your offer accepted in today's real estate jungle.

Diana Olick with CNBC recently posted a great article entitled Spring Housing: "Strongest Seller's Market Ever".

California Public Employee & Teacher Home Loan Program

3 Keys to Getting Your Offer Accepted

  1. Get Pre-Approved Before Shopping for a Home - Mountain West Financial offers formal home loan Pre-Approval prior to submitting an offer to purchase your first (or) next home and we are here to help you navigate the home buying process every step of the way. After you are approved, we will work closely with your realtor to develop a strategy to get your offer accepted. You may contact us directly at 800-310-7577 or apply online to begin the home loan approval process. We are also the exclusive lender offering the CalPATH - California Public Employee & Teacher Home Loan Program.

  2. Choose an Experienced Real Estate Agent in Your Area - Do your homework; your real estate agent needs to work for you! He (or) she also needs to know your area and fully understand market trends, comparable sales and offer strategy to provide you sound advice. There is no point making an offer $10,000 (or) $20,000 under asking price if the home you're looking at is already priced to sell and homes are not staying on the market very long in your area. If you do not have a realtor you trust, Mountain West Financial can recommend a seasoned real estate professional in your area.

  3. Open Houses in Your Area - You know the neighborhood where you want to live and if you are like most homebuyers you drive around on the weekend looking at open houses trying to find your dream home. If you walk into a home that you fall in love with, you may want to ask to speak with the listing agent? If the listing agent, who represents the seller, also represents you to negotiate a sale price, your chances of getting your offer accepted increases by as much as 100%! In this case, your advisor at Mountain West Financial can work directly with the listing agent to help get your offer accepted.

CalPATH Rewards Program

The CalPATH - California Public Employee & Teacher Home Loan Program was first introduced by Mountain West Financial in October 2013. To date, our exclusive home loan program has helped countless Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and other public employees "Save" thousands of dollars while also realizing the dream of home ownership! Below is an example of your CalPATH Rewards with a $650,000 Purchase Price and a 3.50% down payment.

Summary of Your CalPATH Rewards:

  1. CalPATH Rewards Pricing: The CalPATHCalifornia Public Employee & Teacher Home Loan Program offers qualifying borrowers a 1.00% rewards credit that can be used to pay closing costs or buy down your interest rate.
    • Your CalPATH Rewards Credit would be $6,272.50 or 1% of your new loan amount based on a $650,000 purchase price and a 3.50% down payment.

  2. Reduced Lender Fees: Our normal lender fee's have been discounted for you as part of our CalPATH Rewards Program.
    • Your CalPATH underwriting and processing fees will be reduced by $805.00.

  3. CalPATH Rate Float Down: During the initial 30 days after your interest rate is locked if interest rates drop by a minimum of .125%, you may float down to the lower rate "Free" of charge.
    • The interest rate float down option is exclusive to the CalPATH Rewards Program and can be exercised one time during the initial 30 days of the escrow period and prior to issuing final loan documents.

Click Here to confirm your eligibility for CalPATH Rewards.. If you are a California Real Estate Agent and would like to promote CalPATH in your area, please click on the following link to be come a CalPATH Preferred Realtor.

We look forward to working with you!


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