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"Keys" in 30 Days Program

Keys in 30 days commitmentThe Mountain West Financial - Huntington "Keys" in 30 Days program is applicable to all FHA, VA & Conventional loan programs which do not include secondary or down payment assistance financing. This program is offered exclusively by the Huntington Beach branch office of MWF.

If secondary (or) down payment assistance programs, such as CHDAP are being processed concurrently we will commit to have loan documents in escrow within 30 days. Secondary approval for CHDAP and other down payment programs generally require an additional 7 days for final approval after all prior to docs conditions are signed off by underwriting and loan documents have been delivered to escrow for signature.

*Our written offer and pledge are void if delays are caused by the buyer or another 3rd party involved in the purchase transaction.

Our clock starts ticking as soon as escrow is opened and all signed contracts, including an estimated HUD 1 are received by Mountain West Financial to begin processing the loan.

Final Underwriting Approval is subject to final verification of all collateral documentation, including appraisal and verification of clear title.

If you have questions regarding the "Keys" in 30 Days program, please contact us directly at 800-310-7577 or e-mail us at

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